Pinterest Management Services for Lifestyle Bloggers

Do you find yourself struggling to maintain an active presence on Pinterest? Are you tired of spending countless hours on Pinterest, only to see minimal engagement and traffic to your website? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t let your Pinterest account fall behind your competitors. Let us help you take your Pinterest presence to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our Pinterest management services and how we can help you achieve your marketing goals on Pinterest.

Profile Optimization

I’ll optimize your profile to ensure that it’s attractive and engaging to your target audience.

Pin Creation

I’ll create eye-catching pins that are designed to drive engagement and traffic to your website.

Pin Scheduling

I’ll schedule your pins at the optimal times to ensure maximum reach and engagement.


I’ll provide you with reports on your Pinterest performance, including engagement, traffic, and follower growth.

You own an online business. You have a feeling that a Pinterest marketing strategy can be very beneficial for you, but…

Just thinking about the following work makes your eyes glaze over:

  • Creating original content to share on Pinterest
  • Designing pins that’ll make users visit your site
  • Researching keywords and different strategies to improve your Pinterest account

You’re managing your own clients or making products to sell, so your social media efforts keep getting put on hold.

What is the solution here? You can outsource this work to a Pinterest manager like me. But first thing’s first…

Why Should You Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog?

Pinterest is the digital place to be because it has massive opportunities for online businesses to promote their brands.

If you’re looking for more website traffic, growing your email list, or selling digital products, you should absolutely prioritize monthly Pinterest marketing.

Consumers are on Pinterest because they’re looking for inspiration. And they’re much more likely to make a purchase than users on Instagram or Facebook.

Check out these stats from Sprout Social:

📌 52% of Pinterest users search for “great food and drinks”

📌 70% of Pinterest users are looking for accessories, watches and jewelry

📌 83% of the women who use Pinterest, are using it to help them plan “life moments”

📌 50% of millennials use Pinterest monthly

In other words, there are lots of people using Pinterest who are planners and active shoppers. Think about how those users could benefit if they were to find your content!

Why Should You Hire A Pinterest Expert?

Got 99 problems but your pins ain’t one!

After managing several Pinterest accounts and designing hundreds of beautiful pins, I love helping bloggers such as yourself grow their website traffic with Pinterest.

First, Pinterest requires a significant amount of strategy. Keyword research, pin description, graphics, content to share, etc.

That takes a significant amount of time and effort to put everything into place. And you’ll want to know that it’s going to help you grow your blog along the way.

Second, the lifespan of a pin lasts significantly longer than a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about setting aside time to figure out the intricate world of Pinterest marketing.

If you hire an expert, you can expect the management to be taken care of, including the strategy, design, implementation, and measuring the ROI.

How rad does that sound?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Pinterest Manager?

Before Hiring a Pinterest Manager…

You’re spending hours trying to figure out what to do on Pinterest.

You know you need a business account, boards set up, and pins created, but you don’t have time since you have a business to run.

You’ve lost motivation because you feel like you’re not getting any concrete results from Pinterest marketing. You tried to make pin graphics, but they aren’t converting.

The world of digital marketing is changing at the speed of light.

Every time you feel like you mastered a piece of Pinterest marketing, an announcement is made detailing an algorithm update or best practices have changed.

After Hiring a Pinterest Manager…

You’re able to confidently focus on your business because you hired an expert to handle all your Pinterest marketing.

You have time more time for you because you’ve outsourced a portion of your business.

You have someone on your team brainstorming different ideas with you and helping your business grow.

You’re receiving monthly reports so you can see what’s succeeding on Pinterest and what areas need improvement.

You no longer have to worry about the constant updates and changes, because you hired someone to stay up to date on your behalf.

It’s one less thing on your to-do list now, which means you can have a better focus on scaling your business.

Pinterest Results

  • Blog about motherhood and fertility support: Most shared pin brought in over 4,300 website link clicks in 90 days with only 700 Pinterest followers
  • Dietitian with a blog that includes healthy eating recipes: Most shared recipe pin has been viewed over 4 million times resulting in nearly 50,000 website link clicks in 90 days
  • Food photographer with food blog specializing in Cuban recipes: Video pins have generated over 575,000 views and nearly 10,000 website link clicks in 2020 (updated August 2020)
  • Gardening blog about houseplants and succulents: Most popular video pin generated over 210,000 views and 1,800 website link clicks

Results like these are possible with Pinterest SEO and using the Pinterest platform to its fullest potential.

View my virtual assistant portfolio for original pin designs!

Hiring a Pinterest Manager is for You if…

✓ You’re a service provider selling 1:1 packages, courses, templates, e-books, etc.

✓ You love the idea of a Pinterest manager taking care of your marketing efforts for you.

✓ You own an online business, and your business would benefit from reaching a global market.

✓ You have an email list and want to use Pinterest as an avenue to gain more email subscribers.

Pinterest Management Services

These monthly Pinterest management services are perfect for lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, home decor & DIY bloggers, and other creative businesses.

Meet Your Pinterest Manager: Hi, I’m Miranda 👋

I’m SO happy that you’re here. I really enjoy working with service-providers, photographers, recipe developers, lifestyle bloggers, and other creative people.

I’ve worked with numerous food bloggers grow their website traffic with creative and strategic Pinterest designs.

I helped one client account grow 900,000 monthly impressions to 1.4 million monthly impressions in approximately 6 months
Pinterest loves video content, so I’ve created pin collages that contain videos provided by clients.
There is a strategy to pin graphics too! I created a pin that went viral, and now that client receives an additional 1,000 clicks to her website every month from one pin.

Hire a Pinterest Manager - Next Steps

I’m ready to hire you! What’s next?

Woohoo! I’m so excited. First, fill out the application. Then, we will schedule a call to go over your Pinterest needs.

Do we sign a contract? Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes. The Pinterest Management and Graphic Design packages requires a minimum 3-month contract, while 6 months is preferred.

Results on Pinterest may vary, and will certainly take at least 90 days to start seeing traction.

What is Tailwind? Why do I need that?

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler, and it’s the only one approved by Pinterest. This is the only way that I can begin scheduling pins for you.

I highly recommend Tailwind because it has detailed analytics and allows you to engage with other Pinterest users.

What will you need from me to get started?

First, I’ll need you to fill out the contact form. From there, we can hop on a discovery call so we can get to know each other!

After discussing your needs and goals, I’ll send you a contract to sign.

Then, I’ll need access to your Pinterest account, your Tailwind account, and Google Analytics. I use LastPass to share passwords safely and anonymously.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form here!