Do you already have some organic traffic coming from Google? If you’ve set up some SEO on your site already and want to find out if your website is thoroughly optimized, then this Website/SEO Audit is the right choice for you.

This includes a comprehensive audit of your homepage and any other published URLs on your website. The audit will include an analysis of your site speed, header tags, meta descriptions, user experience, and other website factors that play into better SEO results.

The audit will include a detailed report with data pulled from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You will also receive a video recording from me showing you what’s working well and ways that you can improve including:

how to locate broken links, URL structure on blog posts, homepage structure including menu options
sitemap submission on, Google Search Console, and much more!

Timeframe: This audit will be ready within 7-10 business days so you’ll be ready to implement the work from the audit in no time!

Having a website is a great way to promote your business online. But what’s better than having a website? One that is SEO-friendly!

What’s Covered in an SEO Website Audit?

An audit of your website includes a thorough inspection of all of your web pages and blog posts. With some of the SEO tools that I use, I will analyze your website speed, web copy, title tags, meta descriptions, user experience, and more.

I will also share some of the data that I collect from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This will show you what’s working well for your website right now and what aspects of your site can be improved.

The audit is meant to show you the scope of any foundational issues that your website may have that could potentially affect its performance in Google search results.

  • website speed
  • plugin performance
  • image optimization issues
  • structural issues
  • on-page SEO issues
  • user experience issues
  • recommendations on keywords to pursue
  • recommendations on content to restructure and republish

What to Expect

An SEO website audit can take 7 to 14 business days, depending on how URLs are published on the site.

When the audit is complete, you will receive a PDF report that shares all of the findings. You will also be given access to a folder that includes various amounts of SEO tasks to complete in order to improve your website performance.

Finally, you’ll have access to a Google Analytics report that shows your list of URLs that are receiving the highest amount of organic traffic.

When the audit is complete, you’ll have a better understanding of how well your website follows today’s SEO best practices. It’s the first step to setting up a game plan to improve your website, create better content, and have measurable results.

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