Web Stories Examples for Beginners

Interested in learning more about Google Web Stories? If you’re looking for Web Stories examples for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

What are Google Web Stories?

Stories have caught Silicon Valley’s attention since Snapchat’s arrival, and it’s really increased in popularity since the arrival of TikTok. The users on these social media apps love capturing different moments on camera and sharing them with the world. The same is the case for Instagram and Facebook.

However, Google Web Stories are a bit different than the rest. Google Web Stories are full-screen, tappable web pages powered by Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP Stories”). It means you can’t make web stories without the AMP framework. 

In simple words, each story is a unique web page on your WordPress blog consisting of images, text, animation, and other visual effects.

Stories have their own carousel section in Google Discover (this is a separate smartphone app from Chrome, Safari or Firefox). More on that below!

Learn more about how to create Google Web Stories!

What are the benefits of publishing Google Web Stories?

Digital storytelling is a great way to engage with your audience, and the “stories” format allows you to do that in a fun and interactive way. Readers want skimmable content and you can achieve that with Web Stories.

You can publish stories on your own website, and you’re even allowed to link back to a blog post on your domain and one or two affiliate links. So Web Stories are a great way to give your most popular content fresh breath and new exposure.

Social media platforms can be difficult to manage with all of the changes to algorithms.

Web Stories Examples by Industry

Bloggers know that they need to frequently pivot their marketing strategies if they want to drive traffic to their blogs. Many members in the AdThrive and Mediavine communities are raving about Web Stories.

If you’re looking for a great example in your specific blog industry, check out some of the stories linked below.

Recipe Web Stories by Food Bloggers

Gardening Web Stories

Real Estate Web Stories

Travel Blogger Web Stories

Beauty Blogger Web Stories

What makes these Web Stories Examples stand out?

You have the opportunity to apply SEO to your Web Stories, and you may notice that these stories apply clickable titles that make you want to click on the story to learn more (think clickbait, but you’re actually not being fooled by a Youtuber trying to go viral haha).

A good story should be at least 8-12 slides long with a variety of pictures.

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